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You might be asking yourself: “How many hard inquiries will affect your credit score?” To delve into the answer, we will take a closer look at what inquiries are, the difference between hard and soft inquiries, and how it might affect your credit score.

Hard Pulls vs. Soft Pulls. When you apply for credit of any kind, you effectively authorize a business or individual to do what is called a “hard pull” or “hard inquiry” on your credit report. There likely will be a negative effect on your credit score from hard pulls, especially.

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 · Credit card issuers, mortgage brokers, and other lenders institute a credit request at your behest, and this is reported on your credit history, showing that you are looking to obtain new credit. Many cell phone providers, cable/satellite TV providers and others will perform a hard credit inquiry when you apply for these services.

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What’s the difference between "soft and hard" credit inquiries? You may often see credit inquiries referenced as hard or soft inquiries and wonder what that means. Whenever you apply for credit, the lender will pull your credit report(s) and credit score. Lenders use this information to help them decide.

Doing so may also remove the hard inquiry from your credit report, although it may take some time. Soft inquiries, on the other hand, do not affect your credit score at all and is typically done when a lender is looking to issue you a higher line of credit or someone checks your credit report as part of.

Sometimes applying for several different credit cards, for example, in a short amount of time can have a negative effect on a credit score; however, not every inquiry has the same impact on your credit score. Inquiries fall into two categories: hard and soft. 1. What’s a hard credit inquiry? Hard credit inquiries can impact your credit score.

And multiple hard inquiries on your credit report can reduce it five to ten points per inquiry and mean difference between fair credit and poor credit. However, if you have multiple hard credit inquiries from the same company, such as an auto, mortgage, or student loan lender in a short amount of time, these inquiries won’t affect your credit.

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