Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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Millionaire Republican Senators Want To Kill Pension Plans For Lawmakers So maybe it’s time for something so stupid it’s actually smart. We must elect the first politician powered entirely by artificial intelligence. Think about it. Why have we been electing humans to.

I don’t love his money at all!! I find it useless when compares to our strong relationship! I really love my boyfriend i really really really honestly do! and he’s honestly does love me with all he has too. His family is way too rich and super powerful in my country, he’s dad is a Governor and the head of all policmen in the whole country.

Not on twitter? sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.. Hey, relax, maybe they’re too busy lying to congress about torture, Reply to @jimmy_dore Maybe the administration knows that Wikileaks has ethical standards and won’t compromise their sources,

8 Signs the Rich Have WAY Too Much Money. of income is the highest it’s been since 1917-and maybe longer.. even understand why people resent them or think they’re detached from real.

Studies show, Congress Favors the Rich Submitted by Bud Meyers on April 17, 2015 – 2:50am When Hillary Clinton recently borrowed Elizabeth Warren’s talking points and claimed "the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top" against regular working people, did she mention reforming the tax code – and then offer any solutions?

Celebrities can go broke for a multitude of reasons including divorce, child support, taxes, too many charitable donations, or bad investments. Here are some famous people who are currently broke.

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We’re imposing too many burdens on smaller banks that. Maybe they’re working long hours at a job that barely pays enough to make ends meet.. A bunch of toadies sucking up to the rich and.

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