The return of subprime lending

Subprime mortgages have been rebranded, and demand is growing.. for their move and want to maximize their return, says Gilles Duranton,

The question of whether subprime loans such as car loans, credit cards and personal loans benefit consumers is hotly debated among economists and consumer advocates. With the mortgage crisis and.

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The Return of Redlining? This article on rates of subprime lending across neighborhoods beggars belief. First, the striking finding. The analysis, by N.Y.U.’s.

Many have credited subprime loans with causing the mortgage crisis that peaked in 2008, and these loans continue to exist today.Subprime borrowers still get loans for automobiles, student debt, and personal loans.While newer loans might not trigger a global slowdown on the same scale as the mortgage crisis, they create problems for borrowers, lenders, and others.

Using loan-level data, we analyze the quality of subprime mortgage loans by adjusting. Derivatives, Risk-Return and Subprime, Lucca, Italy; and the Federal .

As mortgage interest rates rise and fewer prime borrowers are in the market to refinance, lenders are starting to loosen credit standards again, years after the housing crisis sparked a flight to quality. But amid growing compliance requirements and increased regulatory scrutiny, will this time be different?

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Making subprime loans less predatory and more affordable (and thus less likely to cause defaults) is only one part of the solution. Unlike the toxic home loans that led to the 2008 global financial crisis, the recent return of subprime is not in residential mortgages, but instead in auto, credit card, and personal loans.

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Subprime is now a taboo word that is akin to radioactive. In this vacuum, Repmann has received notice from various sources that lenders are offering the return of “0% down-payment loans.” This type.

Five years after the worst of the financial crisis, subprime loans are creeping back, this time primarily in the form of auto loans. As U.S. auto sales. Return of subprime lending Gumbinger says that it took years for lenders to get past the bad loans of yesterday, manage troubled homeowners and become comfortable with the new rules of the.

In general, though, subprime mortgages and stated income home loans more broadly open the homebuying market to demographics that have been largely shut out for years. What is a Subprime Mortgage? The definition of a subprime mortgage is changing quickly, and it’s important to redefine what subprime mortgages look like in 2015.

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