What “The Big Short” Gets Right—and Wrong

 · The most well-known of the movies on the 2008 financial crisis is also the weakest. It is The Big Short, based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book on the 2008 financial crisis. It is delightful as a narrative of a financial mania and deficient as a treatment of that mania’s underlying causes or a path to future solutions.

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Imagine there was no financial crisis. lehman brothers went into bankruptcy and the only sound was crickets chirping. No panic, no bailouts,

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It’s not so much that The Big Short gets the financial crisis wrong, but that it’s an incomplete view, and viewers and readers risk thinking that preventing the next crisis is simply a matter.

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The blockbuster movie The Big Short tells the story of the financial crisis, It requires you to first correctly assess the market and then get the timing right. do make sure you take the time to understand what could go wrong.

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What ‘The Big Short’ Gets Right, and Wrong, About the Housing bubble neil irwin @neil_irwin. dec. 22, 2015 "The Big Short," the movie version of the Michael Lewis . book. about a bunch of misfits who foresaw the housing and mortgage bubble a decade ago and profited handsomely from its popping, is to be released widely Wednesday.

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 · The Big Short (2015) – Brownfield Fund gets ISDA [HD 1080p] – Duration: 4:34. Extractor 471,527 views

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 · The Big Short’: weirdly fascinating Wall Street shenanigans. It’s made so by the caliber of the actors talking that talk – most notably Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt – and the supercharged intensity they bring to the delivery of the verbiage.

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